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Monday, July 1, 2013

I've done it! Published my first book! Now what the hell do I do?

Ok, darlings, so I've done it; I've published my first book on Amazon Kindle edition and I'm super excited. Well I was, super excited until I tried to figure out marketing! Ahh! What a nightmare! First let me tell that I have never had any experience with marketing, anything in my entire life. Working in the food industry these last few years is the extent of my sales experience.
I've been scouring the internet for advertising sites that won't break the book trying to find the best most cost efficient place to post and reach all those coveted readers. So after frying my brain cells these last couple of days I've come up blank. Right back at my beloved sites Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and I can't forget, of course, Blogger.

I have found countless and countless  websites that will promote my book for free when the book is free, but none that will promote right now when it is full price. And by full price I don't mean expensive it's only listed for $3.99. I'm wondering what my budget should be for marketing and where can I get the biggest bang for my buck. Check out my book below!

Escape by Shantescia Hill

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