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Friday, July 12, 2013

If I had just said, Hello

I was more than the usual sweaty after my work out, the sauna wasn’t burning today but just hot enough to help my whole body eliminate the toxins that have been created in the last week of unhealthy eating and drinking. I could see the bright sun pulling me toward the door, out of the cold air conditioning, promising me comforting warmth. 

As the door opened the wind kissed my face, cleansing my lungs as I inhaled. Desperate for more I 
close my eyes and inhale deeply, taking in the deep cool breeze, as I breathe out I feel more relaxed. Relieved to have gained my second wind I glide as if on a cloud to my car. 

 Looking for a parking spot, up and down the aisles, I let the shiny new black Cadillac that caught my eye, with blinding bright wheels, go ahead in front of me. Though I could barely see into the car, due to the tints, I could make out that someone was politely waving thank you as they went by. Finally I find a spot, so I parked and strolled lazily into the store. 

As I walk down the main aisle, I could sense someone watching me, I could feel the energy as I walked towards whoever this person was, a warmth almost burning energy surrounding me, jolted by this strong feeling I look up to see who could possibly have such an effect. 

As my heart beat faster and I slowly glanced up all I could see was this tall, five o’clock shadow, caramel colored face beauty, with temptingly luscious lips and dark brown eyes that stared straight into my soul; with the muscles that were bulging out of his shirt, I couldn’t help but momentarily stare. Desperate to find a reason to look away, thankfully for me, the aisle I needed to go down came up, and so I forced myself to look and walk the other way and get what I came here for, toothpaste. He walks by silently, without a second look. 

Finally, I have what I came for so I walk leisurely towards the checkout, as I scan the lines I stroll toward the shortest one. And there he is again, right in front of me, close enough to touch him, he has one item of plastic shower curtain hooks, and he quickly glances at my hands and looks away. 

Everything inside me wanted to say something, even if it was just hello, and as I was mustering up the boldness to do so, a nice older woman starts talking to me. She could see the sweat on the back of my dark gray shirt from the workout and she wanted to talk about it. Politely, I indulge her hoping that she would give me the chance to at least catch the eye of the beautiful stranger standing in front of me. Not a chance. Even when I glanced his way several times, he never looked at me again. I can’t remember one word that lady was saying.     

The girl at the register rings his one item up and he walks out. I also only have a couple of things, but before I could get out the door he is already to his car, his shiny new black Cadillac, with blinding wheels. He is parked across and a few spaces down from me. I watch as he drives away and he’s gone. I can’t help but wonder what have happened if I had spoken to him, even with one word, hello.

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