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Sunday, August 10, 2014


You invaded my mind
I couldn't concentrate
Work is impossible

I just wanted to hear your voice caress the melody of my name
See your face next to mine
your cheeks against my cheeks

I want to inhale you as my body tingles with anticipation
My hands yearn to touch your soft smooth skin

Yearning even more for your arm to wrap around my waist pulling me in close to you
tightly wedged against your firm body holding me
As my face snuggles against your neck all I can think to do is kiss it
Kiss every available inch
Tasting you gently with my tongue then nibbling on your ear lobes

Momentarily I close my eyes and hold that image in my head
The desire is so strong I can almost taste you
Though you are far away my minds pulls you close to me

 I open my eyes to look around 
The lust that I carry 
Even without you there
It lives deep within me taking over mind, body and soul

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