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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pulled Over a Second Time

"Don't you just love this car, babe," Martin, Julianne's boyfriend, says and glances at her, hoping she shares the same enthusiasm.
When she rolls her eyes and stares out the window, he realizes he will have no such luck.

"Babe come on, its a beautiful car," he says squeezing her leg.
"Yes babe, its a beautiful car, I wish you would get so excited about driving me," she says.  
He turns on the radio, and turns up NPR. "Babe, come on can't we listen to some music, I mean seriously," she says.
"No I need to hear what's going on in the world," he shoots back at her.
Julianne slouches in her seat and stares out the window. Two cop cars pass the car with their lights on, and she thinks about the last time she was pulled over by Officer Randy. It's been three months without a single word from him. Biting her lip she thinks about the forest, and the tree he propped her up on, she had deep scratches on her back that lasted for weeks after that day.
For weeks she would constantly check her phone, hoping he would text her for another round, but everyday she was disappointed. After about a month she met Martin, but she would still think of him from time to time.
"Babe, do you have to use the restroom, there's a rest stop in a mile," Martin says interrupting her thoughts.
"Um, no but I don't think there's another one for a couple of miles, so I'll go ahead and go."
"Ok, try not to take a long time, we have a schedule to keep."
Martin pulls into the rest stop and parks.
"Are you getting out?" she asks
"No, just hurry up."
She slams the door of the car and runs inside. As she walks to the bathroom she turns to see a police vehicle pull up next to her boyfriends car. A chill races down her spine, she spins and bounces to the restroom. As she pulls her short blue dress up she starts fantasizing about all the scenarios that could happen, even with Martin there.
"Oh my god, what if he finds out, I wonder if the cop will flirt with me in front of him," she thinks and then shrieks with excitement. "I'm so crazy, I don't even know if it's him or not."
Martin nods respectfully as the cop gets out of the car and looks at him suspiciously, then looks towards the building.  He slowly walks inside and towards the restroom, but doesn't go in. He stands there for several minutes then walks back to his car and speeds off.

Julianne finishes in the restroom and begins to make her way back to the car. She walks out of the restroom and a strong cologne smacks her in the face, she deeply inhales and lets out a intoxicated moan. She jumps in the car and looks at Martin.
"Did you go to the restroom?"
"No I -
"What cologne are you wearing?" she says leaning in to sniff him.
"I'm not wearing any."
"Oh, did someone walk into the restroom?"
"Yeah some cop but I don't think he went all the way in he just stood at the door and then ran back to his car and sped off."
She just shrugs. She looks out the window with a smiley smirk on her face. As they drive down the highway she looks for the cop as nonchalantly as possible. After about 5 miles she gives up, rolling her eyes in disappointment.
"What's wrong with you?"
"Nothing, I think I'm just really tired."
"Well take a nap."
She closes her eyes and tries to relax. She can feel a hand on her leg, slowly moving up her thigh, her clit starts to pulsate, she squeezes her legs together as she feels the moisture grow between her legs.  She opens her eyes thinking Martin is touching her, but he is bobbing his head to NPR's classical music and staring intently at the road. Realizing that it was just her imagination she grabs Martin's hand and places it high on her thigh.
"Babe, seriously, I can't drive and play with your pussy just wait till we get to the hotel."
"But I'm horny, why don't you just pull over and give me some on the side of the road?"
"Are you crazy? People will see us!"
"There are trees," she says smiling and closing her eyes.
"No, only trash has sex on the side of the road, and we're class, not trash honey."
Shocked she just looks straight ahead at the road.
He looks at her, "I know you're a little wild, but I'll tame you baby," he says squeezing her leg.

She continues looking out the window. A moment later he looks in the mirror and sees blue and red flashing lights.
"Great, what the hell did I do? I was going the speed limit."
He slows down and pulls over to the side of the road. After several minutes the cop slowly gets out of his car and walks to the driver side of the Mercedes.

"License and registration, please."
"May I ask what you pulled me over for? I was doing the speed limit."
"All I need from you right now is your license and registration."

Martin slowly hands over the paperwork, and the officer takes it and walks back to his car. Julianne watches as the officer studies the paperwork while making his way back to the police car. Not recognizing him she turns back around and slouches in her seat.

"What's wrong with you?" Martin asks.
"What? Nothing, I just thought I recognized him, that's all."
"Well, don't make a scene I don't want a ticket."
"Yeah, ok."

Martin watches as the officer talks into the radio in the front seat. He fidgets nervously wondering what could be the problem.

"Ok, so you tell me not to look at the officer, but you're giving him the stare down in the mirror, seriously?"
"Well he keeps talking in the radio, and I want to know what for."
"Why do you care so much? Did you murder someone recently, are you really on the run," Julianne says laughing.
"Very funny."

Finally, the officer gets out of his car and walks back to the driver side of the Mercedes. Martin rolls the window back down and the officer bends over and looks at Julianne.

"Ma'am, I need to see some identification."
"Excuse me, what for," Julianne says.
"Miss, step out of the car."
"I will not! I know my rights," she screams at him.

The officer walks quickly to her side of the car opens the door and removes Julianne from the car.

"Julianne, you are under arrest, I must take you to the station for some questioning."

Martin darts over to where the officer is handcuffing Julianne.

"What is she under arrest for? You can't just go around arresting people for no reason!"
"Sir, calm down, or I will calm you down. Take a step back. You can meet her at the station."

The officer then roughly escorts Julianne to his car and puts her in the back seat. He then walks to the driver side gets in and speeds off. Martin then jumps in his car and follows the cop car several miles. Noticing this, the officer calls another car to pull him over.

"Seriously, your not even going to let him follow? What the hell is really going and what is your name?"
"Where, your going darling, your not going to want him to follow you. I'm Officer Henry, I'm a friend of Randy. You do remember him right."
"Wait, your a friend of officer Randy? Ok, now everything is making sense. Are we going to see him?"
"Just relax and enjoy the ride."
"Well I did the first time," she mumbles smiling.

After about an hour of driving, Henry finally pulls up to a two story cookie cutter house. Very well maintained home thats looks as if no normal family with kids could possibly live there. The front door opens and out comes Officer Randy. Julianne's heart skips a beat at the sight of him. He strolled over to her side of the car and opened the door, gently taking her hand and pulling her out of the car. They stand face to face and just stare at each other for several moments. Randy leans down and kisses her on the forehead.

"So, I'll be going then," says Henry.

But neither hear him, they are completely lost in each others eyes. He again takes her hand and escorts her inside.

"Please, have a seat, make yourself comfortable", he says in his deep husky voice.

Julianne slowly walks over to the large couch that faces the kitchen, where Randy is.

"What is that wonderful smell?"
"I cooked for you."
"Really? That's sweet of you. But how did you know I was going to be here today."
"I know more than you'll ever know. I can see you whenever I want, Julianne. I'm a little disappointed though that you didn't wait for me."
"How long did you expect me to wait, I mean I have no way of contacting you. I thought you forgot about me."
"I know what it is you need, I know how to give you what you want. Everything you could ever wish for is here, I just bought this house and got some other things in order, so that we could be together."
"How do you know I'll accept? What if I think all of this is crazy?"
He looks at her and holds her face in his hands. "Well, do you think all of this is crazy?"
"Yes, of course all this crazy."
Julianne can see the panic creeping up in his eyes, as he pulls away.
"But I like crazy," she says and kisses him passionately, biting his lips.

He picks her up off the couch and carries her upstairs, lays her on the bed and slowly kisses her body inch by inch while removing her clothes. She takes every kiss into her soul, which makes her feel as if they are floating around in the clouds. She removes his shirt then unbuttons his pants, setting him free. He climbs on top of her and they both moan at the pleasure of their bodies touching and connecting.

"I'm yours and your mine," Randy whispers in her ear.
"Yes, I'm yours."

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