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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The light that ends the night

There is a certain stillness at this time of night. The darkness that ends with the light.
The beauty of the light slowly and ever so gently conquering the night.
Each moment is a blessing
a blessing in the night
a blessing of the light

It is heavy
The night
In the light of the dawn we shall bask
But not yet
Not yet
The night is not dark enough to bring in the light

Be divine

No one can disturb something that you are. If you are peace, no one can take your peace. If you are a love, no one can steal your love, no one can abuse your love. If you are the light, no one can take your light. The moment you stop being who you truly are, is the same moment you give up who you are. No one can take Divinity from the Divine. Be who you are. Be Divine.