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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Beautiful Things

Everyday we are faced with negativity, the darkness not only surrounds us, but it resides inside us.

This creates an illusion that speaks to us, causing our minds to lose focus on the beautiful things.

It causes us to forget our purpose.
To bring light into the world.
To display pure unadulterated love, to ourselves and the ones around us.

The things that keep our hearts purified with love are choked out and forgotten, making us feel like a heavy blanket or atmosphere is surrounding our soul, choking out the light that wants to shine within.

You are not alone.
Your light is there waiting for you to consume it and become closer to enlightenment.

Acknowledge and accept that you need help in bringing the light into yourself, while rejecting and pushing the darkness away from you.

Ask your Higher Being to help you, guide you and love you. 
Ask for what you need, and listen to their answers.
They will only do what is best for you.

There is no rejection in their love.

Meditate. It is the only way you can hear the answers your guides are providing for you.
Quiet your mind.

Follow your intuition, it is another way your guides are helping you.
Throw away all fear, all hate, all negativity.
Let the light in.
Let love in
Let peace in
Let joy in
Let prosperity in
Let all these beautiful things into your soul.
Watch the blessings come in.


  1. This is so amazingly powerful that I read it out loud to Raf and to my mother in law and everyone sat here in gratitude for your beautiful words ����

    1. That makes me feel warm and tingly all over. I'm happy you enjoyed it! Sending lots of love your way!