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Sunday, December 29, 2013

What if's

Text Message from Alexia: "So when are you going to see him?"
Response text from Iliza: " I don't know..."
Alexia: "Do you want to go?"
Iliza: "Yeah, I do..but I don't...I don't want to set myself up for disappointment."
Alexa: "Yeah, but if you don't you'll always wonder what if"
Iliza: "I know, I know"
Iliza: "Omg he just texted me...ahhh...I feel nervous wth"
Alexa: "Lol, your silly what did it say?"
Iliza: "'I want to see you tonight"'...what should I do?"
Alexia: "I don't know, do what feels right...go and settle things, close some doors"
Several hours later...
Alexia: "Sooooo?"
Iliza: "I went, but I think that'll be the last time?"
Alexia :"Did something happen?"
Iliza: "No, no nothing out of the norm, I'm just over it..."
Alexia: "Oh well I guess you had to go through all of that to finally put it to rest...Wow, how do you feel? No more wondering, now you you can move forward without looking behind, you can close that long chapter of your life and start a new one, no more what if's.."
Iliza: "I feel free I feel freedom..no longer hindered by the past...I'm ready for the future, ready to move forward...
Iliza: "I feel like a new beginning."
Alexia: "Well I'm happy for you."

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Years Resolution

So I know it's only December 1st, but I've thinking a lot about this new year coming up. These past years I feel like I haven't opened up my full potential of who I really am, and this year I want to change that. I want to do things that I've always wanted to do, like travel alone, get into shape, etc. So I've decided this year is my year and I won't let anything stand in my way. Below I listed my New Years Resolution list, maybe you can relate to some of these, maybe you would like to steal some ideas to better yourself; please do!

New Year's Resolution
1. Finish book two and three of the Escape series.
2. Finish my screenplay.
3. Stop letting people run over my feelings.
4. Start pursuing my own dreams instead of helping others with theirs.
5. Abandon the restaurant industry.
6. Support myself through writing, and other creative avenues.
7. Let spirituality back into my life.
8. Work on not being depressed all the time.
9. Get into the best shape of my life.
10. Become vegan.
11. Stop procrastinating.
12. Network
13. Take a vacation alone.
14. Let go of my fears.
15. Spend more time with people I care about, and that uplift me.
16. Meditate
17. Be grateful for the things I have already accomplished.
18. Finish school.
19. Pay student loans.
20. Work on financial freedom.
The last most important thing, Have fun!