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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Feeling a heaviness on my shoulders that's not lifting
The hatred of society is drowning
I can't breathe
This world that's so suffocating
I put up the fight
The fight for my life

They let me have it  my life
But then strip me
Trying to take my dignity
They say you can't do anything so I won't do a thing
Just watch as  the country goes down
The flames consumes them

They keep trying to take it from me my dignity
Until I run out of energy
I try to climb the latter and the just kick me down the stairs
Then come to me and say make sure you say your prayers

They say
Let this depression be a lesson
We will not stop oppression
When you stand to fight
We will take your right

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Race and America

After the verdict of George Zimmerman was handed down yesterday, of not guilty the country was saddened, but not surprised. According to the jury, Trayvon Martin because he was an African American male, not man, but child has no rights in this country. Their 'not guilty' verdict says that a child's life is disposable, as long as he is different. Whether that be that he is black, Hispanic, or LGBT. No matter how innocent, no matter where you live, if you're African American you can be shot down dead and never have your aggressor prosecuted.

Every African American person in this country right now feels like it is open season on our young people. On our family members, on our fathers, our mothers, or brothers and our sisters. Even if you are an law abiding citizen, if you are African American or anything but straight and white, you can still get murdered for no reason, and not get any justice.

The right wing began their fear mongering campaign, saying watch out, there's going to be looting and riots and black people are just going to go crazy. Because clearly in the light of tragedy, minorites can't control ourselves. Because clearly to them, we are animals, and can only behave as such and that's why we need to be treated as such. So that it's always the black person that is guilty, guilty of being black. Guilty of going to the store after dark for skittles and walking home, black.

Even the prosecution gave up on defending Trayvon. They were afraid to even mention that race was the entire reason why George Zimmerman followed Trayvon. The entire reason why he got out of his car and started a confrontation with the child. They decided to believe George Zimmerman and give up on prosecuting him.

So now what? We can't depend on the police to make arrests when their supposed to. We can't count on prosecutors to defend the rights of our black victims, so now what? Wait for 'God' to step in? Isn't this just another illusion? Putting faith in some that 'they' gave us, so that we will wait forever for something that will never happen. So that we will not rise up and fight against what we know is an continuing injustice. What now? Keep waiting? I'm sure that's what they would want, so that they can continue living in their 'safe', 'controlled' atmosphere. While they get in their cars and stalk, harass, and murder anyone they feel could be a threat. Anyone that doesn't look like them.

What do we tell our children? Even more importantly, how do we protect our children from these monsters?

We must go to our legislators, protest, peacefully to get these laws changed. All people must be involved, because if you are different in this country you can be victimized, and there is no one that will try to make it better, but us, the people.

Friday, July 12, 2013

If I had just said, Hello

I was more than the usual sweaty after my work out, the sauna wasn’t burning today but just hot enough to help my whole body eliminate the toxins that have been created in the last week of unhealthy eating and drinking. I could see the bright sun pulling me toward the door, out of the cold air conditioning, promising me comforting warmth. 

As the door opened the wind kissed my face, cleansing my lungs as I inhaled. Desperate for more I 
close my eyes and inhale deeply, taking in the deep cool breeze, as I breathe out I feel more relaxed. Relieved to have gained my second wind I glide as if on a cloud to my car. 

 Looking for a parking spot, up and down the aisles, I let the shiny new black Cadillac that caught my eye, with blinding bright wheels, go ahead in front of me. Though I could barely see into the car, due to the tints, I could make out that someone was politely waving thank you as they went by. Finally I find a spot, so I parked and strolled lazily into the store. 

As I walk down the main aisle, I could sense someone watching me, I could feel the energy as I walked towards whoever this person was, a warmth almost burning energy surrounding me, jolted by this strong feeling I look up to see who could possibly have such an effect. 

As my heart beat faster and I slowly glanced up all I could see was this tall, five o’clock shadow, caramel colored face beauty, with temptingly luscious lips and dark brown eyes that stared straight into my soul; with the muscles that were bulging out of his shirt, I couldn’t help but momentarily stare. Desperate to find a reason to look away, thankfully for me, the aisle I needed to go down came up, and so I forced myself to look and walk the other way and get what I came here for, toothpaste. He walks by silently, without a second look. 

Finally, I have what I came for so I walk leisurely towards the checkout, as I scan the lines I stroll toward the shortest one. And there he is again, right in front of me, close enough to touch him, he has one item of plastic shower curtain hooks, and he quickly glances at my hands and looks away. 

Everything inside me wanted to say something, even if it was just hello, and as I was mustering up the boldness to do so, a nice older woman starts talking to me. She could see the sweat on the back of my dark gray shirt from the workout and she wanted to talk about it. Politely, I indulge her hoping that she would give me the chance to at least catch the eye of the beautiful stranger standing in front of me. Not a chance. Even when I glanced his way several times, he never looked at me again. I can’t remember one word that lady was saying.     

The girl at the register rings his one item up and he walks out. I also only have a couple of things, but before I could get out the door he is already to his car, his shiny new black Cadillac, with blinding wheels. He is parked across and a few spaces down from me. I watch as he drives away and he’s gone. I can’t help but wonder what have happened if I had spoken to him, even with one word, hello.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home is so Sweet

The need to get away is strong
Its been a very long time since I've seen outside these walls
Bound by all these laws
Not leaving this place would be very wrong

There is a place away from here that will let me me breathe in life
This place will make me forget all the strife
Away I go away I fly
I wave vigorously goodbye
Secretly never wanting to return

The first day was like heaven
The skies were patches of white and blue
The water rocked me to and fro
With waves of white and blue

The next few days boredom set in the with the threat of nothing to do
No pets to pet no children to scold
Only me and my vacation

Then the craving started
The routine the normalcy of it all
I wanted it I needed it

I needed my home which is always my own personal sweet

Monday, July 1, 2013

I've done it! Published my first book! Now what the hell do I do?

Ok, darlings, so I've done it; I've published my first book on Amazon Kindle edition and I'm super excited. Well I was, super excited until I tried to figure out marketing! Ahh! What a nightmare! First let me tell that I have never had any experience with marketing, anything in my entire life. Working in the food industry these last few years is the extent of my sales experience.
I've been scouring the internet for advertising sites that won't break the book trying to find the best most cost efficient place to post and reach all those coveted readers. So after frying my brain cells these last couple of days I've come up blank. Right back at my beloved sites Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and I can't forget, of course, Blogger.

I have found countless and countless  websites that will promote my book for free when the book is free, but none that will promote right now when it is full price. And by full price I don't mean expensive it's only listed for $3.99. I'm wondering what my budget should be for marketing and where can I get the biggest bang for my buck. Check out my book below!

Escape by Shantescia Hill

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