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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Writers Block

I know every word I want to write down
But I have no idea what order they should go in
I want to shock the reader
I want the reader to be afraid to blink when reading
In fear that they might miss something
I want their eyes to burn with redness

The story is coming to a close
The words will not form out of my head
They are jumbled and blocked
I close my eyes trying to get them to come out
Trying to release them from the entrapment in which they are ensnared

I let the music become a seduction in my quest
My quest in seducing the reader
My quest to get the words on the page
To bring my energy back from relaxation
To stimulation
To just letting it flow and flow
Like the waves of the sea

Monday, June 25, 2012

For the beauty of music

It starts
One note at a time
Filling the silence with beauty and love
Each note is fluid lifting the mood
Fulfilling the need to escape harsh realities
Into its captivating beauty

She cannot resist
Moving her body
Sliding her canvas shoes on the floor
Then lifting to the highest height
Her arms move fluidly upwards catching the clouds

Her face fills with emotional dedication 
She embraces the love of her life
Letting it fill her and move her
She lets go
The pain is gone
Pleasure takes its place

Nothing in the world matters
Only this one precious moment
Where she can escape
Every note brings her deeper and deeper
She can no longer hear the notes
She can only feel them as they move her

The notes slow down
Letting her go leaving her slowly
Ending her meditation
She floats down from the clouds
Though the music let her go she will hold forever the feeling
The intense love has penetrated her so deep it will never be let go

She stops and waits
It will again fill her
Penetrate her soul leaving her fulfilled