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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Dance

He moved in closer
I could smell his skin
His hand lightly caressed my arm as took hold of my hand

We moved together in several fluid beautiful steps

My mouth right below his jaw bone
I know he can feel me inhaling every scent
His arm wraps around my waist and squeezes my hips closer to him

We moved together in several fluid beautiful steps

 He breathed on me he dipped me and squeezed me
The music where was the music the music faint in inside of me inside of him but we could both feel Its rhythm moving us caressing us pushing us closer together

We moved together in several fluid beautiful steps

The breath is labored the heart beats fast his hand embraces the back of my neck
My head becomes buried in his chest my hands pull down on his shoulders
The beat becomes faster our heart beats meet together to one final step

And we moved together in this one last fluid and beautiful step

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is Monogamy Natural?

After reading an article about the psychology of monogamy, I started thinking if humans really are naturally monogamous. The article stated that it is unnatural for humans to be monogamous. Because of our natural instincts to procreate and seek out championship, it is normal for people to go out and want to have an affair, or have multiple partners in life. This does show in our society with divorce being a all time high and fewer and fewer people getting married.

So I got to thinking, in our society having more than one partner is frowned upon because of one thing, the bible. The bible was written stating that it is wrong to sleep or even think about cheating on your wife or husband, as a matter of fact marriage is a bible based tradition. What would happen if the bible was never written? How would are society view monogamy, if the social standard was different? 

We as humans are products of both nature and nurture, so if people as a society were brought up believing that it is normal to have multiple partners, their would be a totally different mood about the subject. Then I thought, how much would it hurt if the partner you chose in this different type of world, decided that they were done with you and wanted to move on. Would it hurt as much as it does now? Would it have a natural feeling, or would it be easier to let go of the person that you are with at that time and find someone else? Being animals of both nature and nurture this concept would go over much easier than someone today would think. The natural part of us is already non monogamous so if growing up we were brought up to believe that this is natural, there would be a lot less pain and dishonesty in relationships.

On the other hand though, we do live in a society where, people are extremely religious and believe what the bible says word for word, so the most important thing is to be open and honest with your partner with your wants and needs, and a lot of the misunderstandings and miscommunications will be avoided. I believe in our society this is the biggest problem, people don't know what they want and when they do figure out what it is they need they are afraid to say so, in fear of being stigmatized or looked down upon. Everyone though is a individual, we all have different wants and needs that need to be expressed and understood. Every human has the right to fulfill the happiest state possible that they can posses. That is the spice of life, without it, what would we have?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trayvon, Howard Morgan Whose Next?

Here we are again with another story that proves how corrupt our legal system is, and how victims that are of a minority descent, can be unjustly demonized by white law enforcement. Howard Morgan, a police officer and husband was shot 28 times by four white police officers in the Chicago area on February 21st. At the time of the shooting Mr. Morgan was off duty, and was pulled over by police officers for going the wrong way down a one way street. Both sides agree to this side of the story, but that's about it.

According to the four police officers Howard resisted arrest by shooting at the officers with the fire arm he was carrying with him. Unfortunately, the bullet proof vest that allegedly sustained bullet wounds was never located, instead the prosecution used a replica vest to show to the jury. Mr. Morgan's truck was destroyed before a forensic team could do an analysis on it making it very hard to collect evidence for or against him. This already sounds like something is being covered up.

My questions first is why does it take 28 bullets from four Northern Santa Fe Railroad police officers to stop one man? Is it because he's black, and he had a firearm? They not only wanted to stop him but clearly, they wanted to make sure that they killed him? After being left for dead, it must have been very surprising to find out that he lived through all that fire power. So they decided to take another road, get a conviction in court they had to get rid of him in some way; they told the jury that Mr. Morgan went crazy on them and that they believed that he was trying to kill them, all four of them, in his neighborhood close to his house, so that's why they had to open fire on him 28 times. After the jury heard the case they found Mr. Morgan not guilty, on all the charges brought against him but one, the attempted murder charge, they were deadlocked against that. Even though they cleared him of discharging his firearm, they still couldn't decide on whether he was trying to murder the officers or not. There is no evidence that he tried to stab them or beat them up, just that he went crazy and tried to shoot them. I guess maybe they thought that he was trying to kill them with his words. Or maybe he was trying to identify himself as a fellow officer and the four white officers decided they didn't care and started shooting instead.

Unfortunately, another jury was assembled and he was tried again and found guilty by this second jury. Wait a minute isn't that double jeopardy, in the constitution you cannot be tried twice for the same crime! So how did this slip through the courts fingers and why hasn't this been brought up?  The prosecution of course would not let the defense inform the jury that Mr. Morgan had been cleared of every other charge in this unconstitutional second trial. Our justice system still fails to give to all, no matter the race, a fair trial. Because of this Mr. Morgan can face up to eighty years in prison; he awaits his sentence in January.

We can no longer sit back and let these things happen, we have to get up and make a difference, stand against an unjust, justice system. If we don't all minorities should be in fear of their free lives. freehowardmorgan.com