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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

something beautiful

As the sun sets and the earth cools
The sweet essence of your love cools my body
As you caress and taste my sweet skin
The hairs rise without haste
The magnet between you and me will never die
So please don't even try
Only everyday it will grow stronger
As we look in each others eyes
And inhale our breath even longer
We fall deeper and deeper under the spell of love
I float up up into the heavens like a dove
Two doves together forever in high ecstasy
As snowflakes fall upon the earth
We float back down from the heavens
What we feel
What we've created is truly
Something Beautiful

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As a black woman I must be different from the rest
I must not let them see me when I fall, for that is what they expect
As a black woman I must succeed they already think I will fail
As a black woman I am looked down upon because I am educated
As a black woman I carry every stereotype heavily upon my shoulders, and yes as I try to change these I cry when the weight becomes to much.

As a black woman men will try to use and abuse me they think that I am so weak I will not protect myself
As a black woman no matter how kind I am they will still manifest their jealousy
As a black woman the black community will look down upon me because I am not dating a black man
As a black woman I will not let this get me down I will elevate above the pettiness of the racial world, I will still treat people with respect even if their jealously prevents them to reciprocate.
Even though like everyone else I have an evil side I will do all that I can to keep in check. I will not allow this to rule me, I will elevate above this.
As a black woman I am loved and I will love. I will not be taken advantage of.

As a black woman I will succeed, even in the face of defeat.

It is my path to change the world, and I am headed in the right direction.