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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Every time I think of you all I can hear is your laugh
That infectious wonderful sound that lifts my heart up to the heavens
Your smile is so wide and your brown eyes are almost completely hidden by the pleasure  of your amusement
The way you laugh is pleasurable giving me complete fulfillment
Your giggles make my soul smile in complete happiness
I love you more than the word, it alone cannot express the depths of my heart
There is no word known that could possibly reach deep enough into the soul to express what I feel for you
No one could possibly comprehend  
Deep in thought I look at you smile and tell a little joke and again you laugh, it warms my heart Infecting me with joy
I smile trying to think of more and more things to get the reaction I love
Making me feel full and empty at the same time
All I can say is I love you but of course it is much deeper than the word could ever go
You draw me in without saying a word
I can't help but snuggle next to you inhaling you
Touching you
Your warm scent
My cheeks rub roughly against your prickly french vanilla face
Your skin is so smooth and soft but your cheeks are so prickly making me all red and warm
How you warm my soul beyond the point of pleasure and then you just touch me and I'm in heaven

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