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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bar

She wanted it, every time she looked at him she wanted to feel the weight of his body on top of hers, pushing pleasure inside her. She imagined what it would feel like, what it would look like when he pulled it out. She bit her lip, crossed her legs and squeezed them together, trying to calm the hunger.

The martini she was drinking was half full and she already craved another one. Quickly downing the dirty Ketel One martini, she heads for the bartender, trying to calm the desire that was building inside her, making eye contact and holding up her glass he quickly makes her another one. Waiting for her liquid relaxer she turns and sees him coming her way, though it's dark she examines his walk that radiates nothing but confidence. He steals a look at her as he walks to the bar, and gives the hint of a smile. Sliding in next to her, he has to wave to get the bartenders attention. Smiling to herself she turns around letting her ass graze the side of his leg. He turns his head towards her and she gives him the sexiest look she could come up with and heads toward the back of the bar, where it's a little quieter.

He gets that look in his eye, like a lion on the hunt for a lioness, the hunger he feels deep in his gut pushes him over the edge, forcing one leg in front of the other, logically he knows this is a bad idea, his girlfriend is at the bar next door, but he can't control himself; he chases after her. Losing sight of her his eyes darts around frantically looking for her. He takes another step and gets an intoxicating nose full of her sweet, almost edible perfume. 

He follows the scent toward the back where the music starts to fade and the the lights get dimmer.
She can see him getting closer, leaning against the wall she waits for him to find her, she takes a sip of her martini almost finishing it. Finally he looks her way, he strides toward her, examining her body taking in every curve, from her hips to her full round breasts. She could see the desire in his eyes, she sifts her body to extenuate every curve, making him crave her more. As he gets closer and closer another man approaches her and tries to command her full attention, to no avail.

Finally he stands right in front of her, not even looking at the other man trying talk to her, he holds out his hand looks deep into her eyes and waits for her to accept him. She looks at him for several seconds, then hands her martini glass to the man standing next to her. Surprisingly, he takes it from her and she turns back toward the sexy man standing in front of her and she takes his hand. He pulls her back towards the dance floor and seizes her hips holding her close to him. The music sways them back and forth in unison, the Spanish guitar brings them closer, their bodies pressing up against each other.

He lowers his head toward her neck becoming drunk from her sweet and sexy scent. Her face and neck can feel the warmth of his breath, she slowly presses her face against his cheek and whispers in his ears " I want you". He squeezes her tighter then pulls her off the dance floor to the back of the bar to the right of where he found her. There was no one occupying this corner. As they walked he held her close to his body and she could feel the bulge on her ass developing through his pants. She smiled to herself and couldn't wait for what was coming next; he turned her around and pushed her against the wall and started grinding against her body. Slightly lifting her up against the wall and opening her legs he pressed up against her, she could feel every sensation, making her moan in his ear, after hearing her enjoyment he just couldn't stop.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a condom, and she whispered thank goodness to herself because she sure didn't want to stop right now. He quickly put it on and into her body, stretching her walls as he moved inside her, she held on to him holding herself up, he fumbled with her v-neck shirt and exposed her nipples, grazing them with his fingertips, and squeezing them. After she let out another moan she opened her eyes and glanced to the left a couple people watching with their mouths agape and others biting their lips wishing they could join in. This just made the sensation even better, he grabbed her thighs and thrust her harder and harder and she gyrated on his pelvic bone to heighten her pleasure, bringing her closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. He was holding himself back waiting for her to meet him at the top. Her breath is becoming more and more heavy, her moans are deeper and more frequent. When he realizes she is there, he squeezes her even tighter and pounding her deep and fast, together they reach the top of the mountain and sailed over the cliff of pleasure and slowly glided back down to earth.

After he put her down, and gently putting her breast back where they belonged he realized that he couldn't just let her go. He wanted to see her again, find out who she is as a person. She rejected his offer to take her to her car and she wouldn't take his number, so he gave her a hug and slipped his card in her pocket without her knowing, hoping she would reconsider and call. As he turns to walk away he becomes face to face with his girlfriend who smacks him and screams it's over. As she turns to run out the door he doesn't even bother chasing after her, she wasn't who he wanted to be with, and he was trying to think of a way to break up with her. He was just glad the breakup was so pleasurable, well for him anyway. He turned back around to  talk to the woman he was just with and she was gone.

She skipped to her car laughing, feeling so free and and happy, she felt like she was cloud nine and never wanted to come down. She couldn't believe that the first time doing this and she didn't feel nervous in the slightest bit. As she fished through her pockets looking for her keys, she pulls out a card, Justin Powell CEO of Learner Communication Systems. She slightly smiled and thought that maybe she would call him after all, she'll think about it, she always wanted to be in control, and he had made it easy to get what she wanted.

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