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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alone in the darkness

I have seen your light
I have seen your darkness
I remember when the light was overwhelmed by darkness
I lost you 
You couldn't see the star I was holding 
I knew it would show you the way
Your back was turned towards me 
I tried to reach around to help you 
You were already to far far away

I turned around and saw the stairs shining in the darkness 
Giving me an escape 
showing me the way out
I turned around to tell you but you were to far gone
Running blindly the other way
Into your own darkness 
Away from my light

Alone I climbed one by one 
They were cold aching my ankles 
Slippery trying to bring back down into the abyss
One by one I climbed
Never looking back 

I could finally see it 
The faint dot of salvation 
The small shiny dot of hope 
I climbed faster
To fast
I scraped my knee
I had blood on my hands
I looked back to see if there was help
No one
I'm alone in the darkness

Giving up 
No not an option not a choice
At the bottom the light was gone
But there was still hope
If I kept going I would reach the light 
Even from here
It's so dark I know the light is there
The star shines dimly 
Encouraging me 
I feel the strength I know I can go on 
I pick it up and climb towards hope 
I climb up towards my dreams 

Being alone in the darkness 
There is always hope
The light at the top or end of the tunnel

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