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Sunday, December 19, 2010


surrounded by warmth as you cradle me through
I breathe in your love
I devour your comfort as you so unselfishly extend to me in your hand
Your energy comes and swallows me as I move my arms above my head
You stretch my lungs as I breathe in the light push my stomach in as I breathe out the darkness
You caress my back muscles as I relax like a cow and hiss like a cat
You pull my bottom up and back as I bow down like a dog
open the hamstrings stretch them back pull my heals down to the ground making me feel solid against the earth
I can feel the rich soil under my feet soothing them
I can see and smell the jasmine growing up around them
grounding them
as the jasmine grows the scent relaxes me sending me deeper into the pose relaxing and stretching first my lower back
then it ascends slowly up each vertebrae stretching releasing
I have entered the world of meditation and my mind is unwilling to leave
I am surrounded
the beautiful flowers the lush grass the hot spring asking me to enter has completely enveloped me
the purifying light has surrounded me filling me with love and wisdom
guiding me as I stand like a mountain I then salute you my beautiful sun as you shine brightly upon my face giving me radiance giving glowing warmth
I lift my arms to welcome you then bow down to show my love for you
as I step my foot back I show you that I will become a warrior for you as you give me strength and make me firm
I then sit easily and ask for what I need I tell you all the love I will spread
I intend to make someone happy  and I will give them the light that you so graciously bestowed upon me and they will come to you
then they will spread the light and we will be the light
I bow to you graciously lovingly

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