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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

loss of a child

Oh what a battle to get you away from Seattle
He holds you closely and looks at me coldly
If he would just let me near to my dear
So consumed in hatred which makes him feel naked so he holds her down with his thumb
Hoping and praying she remains dumb
Breathe and let it be spring
Bring her back to her mum
His thievery this evening has left us all wheezing and crying to the heavens above
So the angels came flying so I would stop dying
And promised better times ahead
I cannot see it so you should just beat it
I already feel like I’m dead
As I felt hurt they felt burnt and left me for dead
I can’t reach my goal with this whole in my soul
Instead of turning to you for guidance I continue to walk in silence
Letting the burden of pain slowly make me insane
No longer able to see what he has done to me
You again hold out your hand
Unable to stand I take your hand and you pull me to my feet
Giving me spiritual food to eat
For my starvation has abound
Without making a sound
You tell me forgiveness is the key
To set yourself free forgiveness is what you need come take it from my hand
As I take it from his hand on my feet I shall land
I realize I can now breathe
I have been set free from the pain that made me so insane
I pray that you will do the same

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