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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sometimes the skies are blue
as blue as me
the waves are continuous
as the continuous waves meet with my continuous tears
my anger builds
the anger keeps building redder and redder
with the sun
as it rises

the grass will still grow
and the forgiveness will flow
straight from my soul
my heart you stole
you put it on the coal and left it there
this is rare the part where you left it there

sometimes the moon is white
a white light in the darkness
you had a light
a light that could not be trusted a light that would not last all night
your light diminished
the moon is still not finished
being the white light
in the darkness

the stars
 I thought were ours
but mars was only ours the rest you left
until the death
of the stars that could have been ours
you left

descending while mending
the clouds cushion the fall while bending the pain
for it is insane
the pain

down, down, down
the blue blue sky
the hot red sun
the soft healing clouds
the deep blue sea

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