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Thursday, December 16, 2010

theft of a broken heart

stolen right from under me
even when I tried to hold back
you took my love from me stole my heart right out of my chest
I never said you could have it but then I don't know if I want it back
I like the way it feels when you gently hold it
but I'm afraid you might drop it so give it back!
I want it to be safe within my realms
I keep running from you and you pull me back
I love it when you love me but I'm afraid of the pain when it ends
you will never understand this you will never know
you don't know the shoes I've walked in nor the weight of my burdens
but i know you love me and how hard you try to get me too see it
but my eyes stay wide shut
Instead of accepting your love unconditionally I see the flaws as proof of your intent to leave
you can't understand because I don't understand
how do I get past this how do I let you have my love unconditionally
will you tell me everyday that you love me
that you never want me to leave
will you bring me into your arms and hold me so that I will be forever safe
will you steal my heart and lock it away and make sure it doesn't break
what will it take
for you too make sure my heart doesn't break
go back to the beginning
to heal the wound that causes the pain
you see I must let go of the past
you see there isn't just one wound but several
and instead of healing they are all still bleeding
why have they taken so long to heal why are they allowed to continue to cause pain
he stole it when it was innocent and vulnerable before the walls were built
the original cause of pain
to break free of pain is to break free of him
and take back what he so wickedly stole away
only then can you have it only then can I give it to you
I have stolen back my broken heart
take it give it life keep it safe cherish it
then I won't need the everyday I love you's
and I won't be afraid to give you me unconditionally

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