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Sunday, January 9, 2011

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“Children should be banned from this place”, Adrianna said as she squeezed past the three year old, with an  armful of dirty dishes, who was climbing in and out of his high chair, right in the middle of the walk way.
“Tell me about it, I can’t believe the parents are just sitting there while their child is clearly in the way, whatever happened to parents actually taking an interest in their children”? Sighed Sarah as she squeezed past the same child behind Adrianna.
As Sarah walks out of the kitchen, she can see a table waving at her frantically, since this is not her table, so she tries to ignore them. She then realizes that her table needs something also, and they are sitting right next to the table that is hysterical and trying to obtain her attention. So reluctantly she walks up to the table to see what they want.
“So do they have to go to the farm and kill the cow for my NY strip?” The man asked, with a smirk on his face that showed he was proud of the joke, he thinks he thought up on his own. “I’ve been waiting here for at least 20 minutes for my steak, what’s taking so long?”
“Actually, here we don’t cook, we just wait for it to fall out of the sky, you know like that movie ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs,’” Sarah joked with an irresistible giggle.
“I want it well done, burnt if you have to, I don’t want to see any red at all!” he said holding back a laugh.
As she walks away, Arianna is coming to the table with all their food. Thank God she thinks and rolls her eyes, and walks to her table, who politely asks her for lemons for their salmon. She hurries back and grabs the lemons and rushes them out to her table. As she walks back by the other table that flagged down before, the man grabs her arm firmly, too firmly, and pulls her into the table. She looks at the other guest for their reaction, but they are all just staring at her like she did something wrong.
“This steak is disgusting!” the man yells at her, “there is no flavor whatsoever in this steak, are you stupid or something, serving garbage like this to people?”
Adrianna sees what is going and runs over to the table.
“Sir, let go of her arm please, I’m your server not her, what is the problem?” Adrianna asks firmly.
He reaches out to then grab her arm and she instinctively snatches away and says “please do not touch me, just tell me what the problem is.”
“This steak is disgusting, I don’t like it.”
“You ordered it well done; I’m confused on what it is you want.”
When the man has couldn’t think of a valid response, she walks away.
As Sarah walks away she can feel the tears well up and she runs in the kitchen, as everyone asks, she tells them what happened.
As soon as she finishes Adrianna walks in, and comforts Sarah and tells her not to let that lunatic get to her.
The manager then goes to the table asks them to pay and leave without ever returning.

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