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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As a black woman I must be different from the rest
I must not let them see me when I fall, for that is what they expect
As a black woman I must succeed they already think I will fail
As a black woman I am looked down upon because I am educated
As a black woman I carry every stereotype heavily upon my shoulders, and yes as I try to change these I cry when the weight becomes to much.

As a black woman men will try to use and abuse me they think that I am so weak I will not protect myself
As a black woman no matter how kind I am they will still manifest their jealousy
As a black woman the black community will look down upon me because I am not dating a black man
As a black woman I will not let this get me down I will elevate above the pettiness of the racial world, I will still treat people with respect even if their jealously prevents them to reciprocate.
Even though like everyone else I have an evil side I will do all that I can to keep in check. I will not allow this to rule me, I will elevate above this.
As a black woman I am loved and I will love. I will not be taken advantage of.

As a black woman I will succeed, even in the face of defeat.

It is my path to change the world, and I am headed in the right direction.

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