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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Supreme Court Justice? Your right to vote queastioned..

How low can they go? Feeling stabbed in the back by the SCOTUS?

Not only have we had to fight off gerrymandering in some states, voter ID laws in other states. Now we have to fight for our right to vote in states that are trying to cheat their way into office. We no longer have the federal government to protect our rights, in whats supposed to be a democracy. Today the supreme court all but burned in court the voting rights act. This act protected voters from states making up their own voting laws, against part of the electorate being discriminated against when trying to get to the ballot box on election day.

In the past this Act protected minorities in especially southern states, one of these states being Texas known for discriminating against Hispanics. This decision clears the way for them to change the mapping laws, making it easier for people that live in white areas to vote by keeping several voting booths open and in minority area only leaving a few. Texas is so excited about the Voting act being put down they are enforcing the voter ID law immediately. Texas is not the only state though, we Alabama, Pennsylvania, Florida and several others.

This is an outrage not just for minority groups but for everyone that truly believes in democracy. There is so much proof that states as recently as the last election, last year, want to make it unfair for a certain type of the countries voters. Giving their political ambitions an unfair advantage.

Where do we go from here?

The only thing we can do, get out there and let congress know that this decision is the wrong decision, we desperately need laws to keep all states honest. To protect every voter in this country we need laws in place that protect against discrimination. Whether it be blogging, calling up congress or protesting in the streets, get the word out to protect our democracy. What is democracy without voting rights?

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