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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Screams

You can hear them. They are screaming in pain. Begging to be left alone.
There they go chopping chopping chopping, cutting, cutting, cutting.
They won't even stop for a breathe. 
Disconnection has caused silence in their ears, they cannot hear the screams, driven by greed they cannot stop.
Who will save them. For without them there is no breath. There is no beauty. There is no shade. There is no shelter.
Who will stop the chopping, chopping,chopping, the cutting, cutting, cutting.Who will save them.
Watch them bleed, who will stop it, who will patch their wounds.
When they are gone, who will help us breathe the breath of life.
Heal the connection that has been lost.
Listen to the whispers, don't let them become screams.
For their screams will become our screams.

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