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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Losing the Thrill

It's happened to every writer I've ever talked to. No matter if your a great writer, or your just starting out I know it's happened to you.

The lost of the muse. Your creativity has seemed to just have gone down the drain and you can't get it back. This happened to me these last few weeks, I know I have a lot to write and I really want to finish the second book in my series; but I just can't find the mojo or the ideas to get it done. 

So I took a step back and looked at my lifestyle. I was eating whatever I wanted and not exercising, at all. I realized my cramped indoor lifestyle, was cramping my creativity, my brain and my mood.

So first I checked out my cabinets and my refrigerator, two very important things in my house. I saw lots of sugar and fat. Fortunately, though, I usually but organic so preservatives weren't anywhere to be found in my kitchen. So cleaning up the kitchen wasn't too much of a project.

First, I started with the sugar. I eliminated ice cream, cookies and cake. Then I eliminated fatty foods like butter, fatty meats and cheese. This alone helped me feel cleaner, my body felt lighter.

The work still isn't done though. Once I mastered my eating habits, I started going to the gym for only about thirty minutes three times a week. Not to bad, I started losing a little weight and my mood was becoming more stable. I still couldn't create ideas for my several different writing projects, so I made one more change.

I set a goal for myself. By next year I want to be in the best shape of my life. This goal has pushed me harder in the gym doing ninety minute sessions with strength training and cardio. I feel great! Even better, I can write again, the ideas are flowing in from everywhere, time to finish that next installment in the Escape series!

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