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Sunday, February 17, 2013


You keep saying it
But I don't feel it
Then another day goes by

You keep saying trust me
When there is no proof of certainty
Then a week goes by

A promise is a promise in my eyes
You can't say you gonna just to compromise
The lyrics play over and over in my head

The broken promises
The illusion of hope
Another day

I can see the door opened wide
Getting closer and closer
Closer with every hour
Every minute
Every second

I can see pain on the greener side
I can feel pain on this side
Which pain is worth it

I still can't decide

I can feel the coldness of the door
I reach it with displeasure and disappointment
I can see behind me
Your standing there
Your back is towards me
Wrapped up not seeing

Slowly my right foot lifts
The outside is cold but welcoming
The inside is cold and lonely

Relief washes over me
I lift my other foot to walk completely out
To abandon the glimmer of hope you gave me
In the same movement you are at the door

I'm snatched back inside
Before I can even breathe
The door is slammed shut

Another promise is made
Another feeling of hope is formed
Another hour minute second goes by

Another day

Another week

I can see the door again
Wide open

Then it starts again

The feeling that your promises will never be fulfilled wash over me

Another second

Another Minute

Another Hour

Another day

Another week

The door to the other side is open
The door to my heart is closed
When there are too many broken promises
You lose the illusion
You lose hope
You lose

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