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Monday, September 24, 2012

A little history

As the election draws closer and closer, I have really started to study both sides of the isle in their ideas and what they both want for America. In doing so I had to go back and do a little history on both parties.

I was not surprised when the history of the separation of parties really started to take effect when pro slavery men wanted to expand slavery to the Northern states of Kansas and Nebraska in 1854. Northern Dems of course were against this and believed that the country would only grow into prosperity if all men were equal and could work to earn a living.

The  Southern Dems were for slavery and wanted to expand it as far and wide as they could, they would do anything it takes to get there way. Lawrence Keitt and Preston Brooks were most noted for their brutal attack on Charles Sumner after giving a speech on the wrongs of slavery. They said that if he ever talked like that again that they just might have to kill him. This would not be the last time campaign would become nasty, in 1912 William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt both republicans became so nasty to each other that they lost the election too Woodrow Wilson a democrat who proved to be more civilized. The republicans are still known to this day as being nasty campaigners, trying anything to win. 

Southern democrats that were for abolishing slavery were pushed out of the party making themselves the republican party. The republicans also adopted the name The Grand Old Party or the GOP. These now republicans that lived in the south were not only for slavery but they were also for keeping women at home to serve their husbands and to take care of the house and children. Sound Familiar?

After the great depression the richer white voters abandoned the socio-economic democrats and became republicans, in doing so they pushed out any democrats that weren't for what they believed creating a conservative right wing republican party. As this switch started to happen the more progressive democrats would move further north, being chased out by the southerners that didn't share their views. This party also supported less regulation and smaller government which is supported down to this day.

Now looking back at this short history I see why the republican party is full of hateful racism and contempt for women. This is how the party started and it hasn't been changed since then. It has only gotten worse and worse as they continue to try and regress instead of making progress.

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