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Saturday, March 31, 2012


It started about a week and a half ago, the quite annoying pms symptoms. Drowsiness, cravings of chocolate, a little clumsy. But here's something new I was nauseous the whole time, bloated, extremely tired, and the feeling of carrying rocks on my chest, does this sound like pregnancy to anyone? Well I read that some women get pms symptoms that resemble pregnancy! The funny thing about this is, this just started recently, this past month to be exact. Why the hell my pms symptoms keep changing I have no idea, one month it's extreme cramps the other pregnancy scare. But I'm sure you can imagine I'm freaking out the whole time. So anyway I went to Whole Foods to pick a snack and as I was milling around a saw a natural tablet for women with extreme pms symptoms, and included were nausea, and other symptoms that resemble pregnancy. As most people know I don't take pills in less I feel like I'm going to die (every other month with cramps). Well I'm going to try them next month, to see if they can really block these symptoms including my roll on the floor can't get out of bed cramps. :) I'll let you know if they work. I really hope they do!!

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