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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


writing a poem on depression seems to go against the grain
poems are flowing loving beautiful
depression is just the opposite, painful and bountiful
the dark tear filled clouds hover overhead making my shoulders feel heavy
my body buckles under the pressure, sending me deep into the dark sleepiness of pain
the more i sleep the more my dreams send me back to reality
there is no escape no shelter
follow the light be the light spread the light
but there is no light no reprieve from the pain no one rescuing me
back at home these four walls oppress me caving in on me blocking out the light
then the tears flow the anger builds the frustration hits breathing its hot breath over me
its nails cutting me leaving deep wounds that turn black and blue infecting the rest of my soul poisoning it
desperate to trap me steal my energy kill my spirit
as my energy leaks from my soul it turns from bright blue to black as quickly as rainfall turns into snow coating the earth with its thick hovering film anyone walking by gets it on them coating them and pulling them down like quick sand into the depths of sad darkness
they have a life line it pulls them up and shows them where the light is guides them encourages them
ultimately freeing them for my darkness that I hold
but where is my freedom my life line when will it bring me back to the light

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